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25th-Oct-2008 02:24 pm - Email to TV Licensing
Ahhhh blue !!!
I couldn't help it, the idea took hold of me and had to be executed!

Dear Licensing,

I don't own a dog. To whom do I write (at my own time and expense) to tell them I don't own a dog, and therefore don't need a license for said dog that I don't own? I want them to visit me and make sure that I don't own a dog, because I might just be mistaken and I wouldn't like to break the law.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't illegal to not own a dog, but I am being hounded by some crazy dog-licensing organisation that keeps saying that I am a potential criminal because I haven't bought a license for the dog I don't own.

I told the licensing organisation when I moved address that I no longer owned a dog. I said that a I had re-homed my last dog as I was becoming allergic to it; that a kind friend was now looking after it. I told them that I would not need a license as I would not be owning another dog because of my allergy.

Now they are sending me demands because they don't believe I don't own a dog, and have threatened to investigate me and look for evidence that I do own one. My next door neighbour has a dog and I am worried that trace of fæces left in my garden by their dog might incriminate me.


p.s: to whom do I write to say that I don't have:
- poisonous snakes
- tigers
- lions
- elephants
- television
22nd-Oct-2008 08:04 am - blech :(
Ahhhh blue !!!
An article in the Indy about Nestle, whom aired an advert in which they claim their noodles have health benefits, intended for Bangladeshi audiences, but aired on London satellite by accident. As a result was investigated by the ASA.

"It was never intended for transmission in the UK."

No apology about making false claims!

So, it is ok to openly lie through your fucking teeth and make false claims about the benefits of a product, so long as it complies with local legislation! (one knows that advertisers will say whatever it takes to make one buy a product, this is just one example of how we are protected by legislation).

For the record, I already boycott Nestle products.
20th-Sep-2008 09:53 pm - Hypothetically...
Ahhhh blue !!!
If we were to run a festival, which top 3 bands and 2 DJs would you really want to see?

(Bands that are in the spectrum of: EBM, industrial, synthpop, noise, darkwave, goth)

Poll #1263860 Band Poll

1st Band

2nd Band

3rd Band

1st DJ

2nd DJ

Ahhhh blue !!!
Just a reminder that the last Betty Ford Clinic will be on this Friday. Please come along and help us give them all a big send off!

Hope to see you there :D

!!! DJ Rota !!!


10:00-11:00 Zazz
11:00-12:00 Andy
12:00-1:30 Nils
1:30-2:30 Stix
2:30-4:00* Psyche
4:00-close* Andy


11:30-12:00 Hellen Performance
12:00-1:00 Chris Damage
1:00-2:00 Tanedra and Ghost Danser
2:00-3:00 K-Nine
3:00-close Nils

*if we don't close at 4, Andy will keep on spinning.
Ahhhh blue !!!
In the news this morning, yet another atrocity against Iraq has being revealed. Bush is now blackmailing Iraq into signing away its sovereignty and allowing the US a permanent base with control over its airways, all without any legal restriction by the Iraqi government. This already looks like a done deal, most of the current Iraqi government has been selected by the Bush regime.

If you care at all about human rights, freedoms, fighting pure evil please get angry, and encourage others to read the articles. The only way we can hope to stop this is raising awareness of what is really happening in Iraq and protesting.
30th-May-2008 01:52 pm - XP8 tomorrow
Ahhhh blue !!!
So, who's all going then?
30th-May-2008 01:44 pm - In the news today ...
Ahhhh blue !!!
The worlds biggest loan shark uses the food crisis to push loans onto the poor. Yes, there is mention of some small grants, but the WB is well known for calling in debts with obnoxious interest rates.
28th-May-2008 10:48 am - No to ID?
Ahhhh blue !!!
We are told that ID cards are a good thing and we need them to protect our identity, etc. This article exposes how ID cards are exploited by not-so-benign regimes.

It makes me glad that I live in a democratic society where we would never allow this to happen to us.
Ahhhh blue !!!

Tell me: am I being really paranoid? Couple this with the proposed ID card (the data will be hosted by a US database), both acts of which have been agreed between US and our government behind closed doors.

Our government is throwing our privacy away - and asking us to pay for the privilege. These are acts upon our population which are more likely to incite hatred.
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